Website and blog published by Randy Ingermanson, “America’s Mad Professor of Fiction Writing,” also known as The Snowflake Guy.

He is also the author of Writing Fiction for Dummies.

Mr Ingermanson is very open about his leaning on Swain, which he insists is, “quite simply the finest book ever written on how to write fiction. If you don’t have this book, you are robbing yourself blind.”

I like Ingermanson’s warm, chatty tone. You may not.

If you feel a need you can buy various essays, training exercises and creative writing course material. I cannot  vouch for these.

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A successful independent ebook distributor, Smashwords can convert your Word doc. into 11 different ebook formats, issue the title with an ISBN, distribute it to several key ebook resellers such as Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony and Kobo, sell your title directly and give you 85% on every sale, and supply you with a signed letter to help you apply for a United States tax number all for FREE.
They will also supply you with FREE guides on how to market and sell your ebook.
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When you’ve published your book through Smashwords, Kindle,  and distributed it via Apple iTunes, you’ll want to generate a list of links. Finding your book in the Apple iTunes book store is not straightforward (and there are 32 different Apple iTunes book stores). However, military author, Russell Phillips has very generously made a series of link generating tools available through which you can get hyperlinks to your book in all the different Amazon stores and Apple iTune stores.
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