After Goya


Can two miniature paintings

bring down a government?

When a young German woman is bequeathed two paintings – presumed destroyed during the siege of Madrid in 1936 – a simple errand becomes a deadly chase.

The new blood of Europe encounters the old Blood of Spain, revealing secret allegiances and ambitions of power, as an international cast of characters journey through the dark soul of Spain’s ignoble past.

Greed, vanity, pride, envy and lust fuel a murderous hunt for … vengeance? supremacy? or truth?

After Goya will change your idea of Spain.

” An intelligent ¬†literary thriller, and a much better read than the so-called ‘blockbusters’ I had to read ¬†when working for Waterstone’s,”

Scott Pack, publisher at The Friday Project, an imprint of  HarperCollins.



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