FREE Kindle story for Christmas


If you enjoy a good read over the Yuletide holiday then you may want to download my short story, The Modelling Man.

It’s FREE from December 23rd through to December 27th.

It’s a quirky, very English, Christmas story which I think you’ll enjoy. No snow, no sleighbells, no Santa, but it does have two wise men, cold turkey sandwiches, football and TV.

If ¬†travelling on public transport over the holidays you could download it onto your phone, tablet, Kindle or other reading device; it will help pass the time, perhaps raise a smile, put you in a mood to enjoy festivities, and equip you with something to talk about at all those get-togethers you’re sure to attend.

You’ll find it on Amazon UK HERE.¬†It is available at all Amazon’s stores. 6,200 words of original fiction for FREE.

Wishing you a very cool Yule and all the very best for the New Year.



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