IBooks for Mac

Kindle version on left with iBooks version on right.

Kindle version on left with iBooks version on right.


I don’t have a Kindle, I don’t have an iPad and, until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t have an iPhone.

During the same week Apple launched Mavericks, the new operating program, I bought an iPhone 5. At last, thanks to the introduction of a new version of the iBooks app, I could at last read my novel After Goya on my Mac and on an iPhone.

Yay! At last I could see what iBook buyers could see.

Or am I really seeing what iBooks readers can see?

I downloaded my copy from Smashwords — as the author I can get a free copy — and opened it.

The formatting seemed ok, and then I noticed that the glyphs — those little graphical devices used to denote breaks in the text — which appear as they should in the Kindle version — had been replaced with asterisks. It looked like an earlier version. (SEE the photo above.)

Apologies if you have purchased After Goya from the iBook store and the glyphs are missing. I will endeavour to find out if and how this can be corrected. If, and when these are corrected I’ll let you know — you will then be able to download an updated version at no extra cost. I sincerely hope the missing glyphs haven’t spoiled your reading pleasure.

As you may know Apple’s quality controls for inclusion in the iBooks store are very exacting. Esther at Ebookation took a lot of time and trouble to get everything precisely right, so I was a little disappointed to see the glyphs had disappeared, and that the spacing between breaks and chapter ends is a little tighter than the Kindle version.

I understand from a few helpful Kindle readers’ comments that there are a couple of glitches in the text (a few missing tildes and one or two repeated lines of text) and, if possible, I will also correct these at some point in the future.

In the meantime I’m enjoying exploring the iBook store on my Mac.


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