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Do you recall my little rant about UK short story publishing and distribution in which I suggested Costa Coffee (sponsors of the Costa Book awards) could get more involved with short stories? No? Here it is.

Well, someone must have read it because the Costa Book Awards now (as of July 16th, 2012) includes a category for short stories AND — unlike the other awards categories which can only be submitted by publishers and agents — writers can submit their own work.

The prize is £3,500 for a short story of up to 4000 words. Online entry is FREE. The deadline for submissions is 4pm on Friday, September 7th.

You can read about it HERE and click through to the online entry form.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, yes, sorry, forgot to mention — for some obscure reason all entrants have to have been officially resident in the UK or Ireland for at least six months of every year since November 2009. Though ‘UK or Irish nationality is not essential’.


Best of luck.


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